Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm not sure how they crept in there, but there are a couple of actual Conservatives vying for the Republikrat Presidential Nomination. Silly me, I backed true Conservatives before, Pat Robertson and Alan Keyes. Both the media and the GOP blueblood filthy rich hierarchy will do all they can to squelch real Conservatives in the running, as they always have in the past, but this time around I think that more and more people are getting fed up with the traditional neo-con globalist RINOs.

Ron Paul won my vote and support simply by making one of his platform planks the simple yet brilliant idea of "re-instating the Constitution". That's so crazy, it just might work! He was also the only Congresscritter to actually read all 900 pages or whatever of the Patriot Act and vote against it right from the get-go. While everyone else in the Federal Government, including and especially the President, seems to think silly little things like rules and laws don't apply to them, Paul is actually saying they do and they should.

A close second in the running for real Conservative candidate would be Tom Tancredo. My verdict is still out on Fred Thompson, though what I've heard him say has been excellent. I hope he's not just another neo-con. He may not even run, however, as he has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma. He probably doesn't regard cancer as a political opportunity.

What we will get, sadly, is probably one of the three neo-con Globalist Stooges, Rudy, John or Mit. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. Like Slick Willie and his photo-op fake duck hunt (no, he didn't buy a hunting license nor state and Federal waterfowl stamps as required by law), Mit recently joined the NRA and is now pretending to be an avid hunter in hopes of garnering the gun vote. Note to Mit; "The Second Amendment is not about ducks and deer. Look it up sometime. It's right there in the Bill of Rights in plain English." But then again, Mit is already running campaign ads in Espanol.

Manchurian McCain is even softer on the illegals. John-boy runs a close second to Hillary when it comes to the "Tell this particular audience anything they want to hear at this moment, then reverse myself completely for the next group" category. This "Maverick" media darling is about as sincere as a used car salesman in a plaid sport jacket. And everyone seems to have forgotten he was one of the Keating 5 from the big Savings and Loan scandal a few years back.

Rudy, I think, actually did a pretty good job as Mayor of New York City. But then New York City is hardly representaive of the rest of the country. Billy Jeff Clinton did OK as governor of Arkansas, too, seeing to it that the state surpassed Alabama in the prevention of ricketts, stablized population growth by making henchpersons disappear, and upgrading the Arkansas Governor's Mansion from a double-wide to a modular. As we saw, that hardly qualified him for national office.

My brilliant prediction is that I will whole heartedly support Paul or Tancredo, possibly Thompson, but that one of the neo-con Stooges will take the nomination, and I will have to turn my back completely on the Republikrats and vote for the Constitution Party or Libertarians again. I just can't hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils anymore.

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Ben said...

Yeah, I'd vote Republican if the nominee is Ron Paul, who once ran for President on the Libertarian ticket.

I'm not sure how much I agree with Fred Thompson, but I think that if he won he would be fun to watch on t.v. I love his slow Southern drawl. I can imagine one of his press conferences-

Reporter 1: "President Thompson, how do respond to Democrats' critique of your Iraq policy."

Thompson: "Boy, them Democrats are about as mixed up as a sack a kittens in a washin' machine. We've got a good, clear policy on Iraq. It's like my grand-daddy told me: 'You can only kick a 'possom once before he bites cha.'"

Reporter 2: "Huh?"

Thompson: "Son, you look as confused as a duck in a 'tater patch."

Reporter 3: "What?"

Thompson: "All right Boys, interview's over."

Reporter 1: "But you haven't answered my-"

Thompson (cutting him off): "I said GET, you pesky polecats!"

BLAM, BLAM, BLAM! Reporters scatter like chickens as Thompson fires twin revolvers in the air, Yosemite Sam-style.

Well, we can dream can't we?