Saturday, May 09, 2009


To all of you out there who may have been living in a bomb shelter since the Cuban Missile Crisis, here's some more proof that our Federal government, already madly out of control under Bush, has gone utterly and completely insane under Obama.

As for the Messiah himself, Mr. Change, Mr. "Transparent Government", the guy who criticized so harshly the Shrub's abuse of Executive Orders (OK, I actually agreed with that one) and so delighted in releasing Bush Administration records...well, some animals are more equal than others. His first day in office, Barack signed his own Executive Order to make his records strictly off-limits. I would assume this includes his elusive birth certificate. Somehow, possibly due to too much leg tingling, the media missed that one when it came by.

The MSM is Johnny-on-the-Spot, however, when it comes to trumpeting Barry's brilliant budget cuts. Why, he's cut a gigantic, huge, tremendous, amazing $17 billion from the Federal budget. A very admirable achievement were it not for him spending $3 trillion on the rest of the budget.

So, to put this in perspective, here's a billion dollars.
Now, here's a trillion bucks.
And to illustrate the point even better, here's Barry's budget cuts in relation to the rest of his spending.

And, to keep further beating this dead horse, it should be noted that Fannie Mae is now getting another $19 billion in taxpayer funds, completely wiping out the awesome budget cuts and then some.

While Fannie gets more of our money shoveled in the doors, let's take a look at some of the budget cuts we will get so much benefit from. First off, construction of the border fence with Mexico is being suspended. Then, we save an additional $400 million by pulling the funding for local law enforcement agencies to help enforce the immigration laws the Feds are failing to. Unfortunately, by saving a few hundred million bucks here, we open ourselves up to approximately $338 billion in losses (by last count) from illegals' impact on welfare, medical care, education, local law enforcement, lost jobs, etc, etc. Brilliant plan that, wot?

In the outright ludicrous department, one Federal program that has managed to escape the budget axe is $400,000 for researchers to cruise the bars of Buenos Aries to study if gay Argentine men behave differently when they're drunk. Now there's something the American taxpayer should not be deprived of. You just can't make this stuff up, folks.

What could be the end result of all this fiscal insanity and irresponsibility? Let's look to starving, impoverished Zimbabwe, formerly the Breadbasket of Africa, and their monetary system.
Coming soon to a Republic near you! Spend all you want...we'll print more! But really, what can you expect with a Kenyan at the helm?

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