Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Americans On Track To Win "10 Army Challenge"

Earlier in the year we reported that in the first quarter of 2009 American citizens had purchased enough firearms to equip the Chinese and Indian armies. This was based on the number of NICS background checks performed during gun sales.

Pleased with the achievement, we issued the "Ben and Bawb's Blog 10 Army Challenge," wherein Americans were encouraged to buy enough firearms in 2009 to theoretically equip the world's ten largest armies. (Symbolically flipping the finger at America's anti-gun, socialist president in the process.)

Good news: America is rising to the challenge! Background checks for the first six months of 2009 numbered 7,035,286. (That's a 24% increase over 2008.) Using the latest troop strength numbers, the top five armies have about 7,380,000 troops, which is just above the number of gun sales so far. So five armies down, five more to go!

The top 10 armies have a combined total of 10,226,000 troops, which means Americans only have to purchase 2,846,000 more guns to meet the total. This should be no problem since we've already surpassed the big boys with million-man armies like China, U.S.A, and India. Now we just have to beat little pussy countries like Iran and Egypt.

Dig deep America! Keep buying those guns. Ben and Bawb's Blog will keep you posted as to how we're doing every quarter. Here's our running total so far:
  1. China- 2.255 million - DONE!
  2. U.S.A.-1.385 million - DONE!
  3. India- 1.325 million - DONE!
  4. Russia- 1.245 million - DONE!
  5. N. Korea- 1.170 million - GOOD JOB!
  6. S. Korea- 687,000 - Let's M*A*S*H 'em
  7. Pakistan- 650,000 - Kick 'em in the Karachi
  8. Iran- 545,000 - Yeah, you better run
  9. Turkey- 514,000 - Gobble 'em up
  10. Egypt- 450,000 - Send 'em crying to their mummies
(Remember, you don't have to stop at ten, America. Don't let numbers eleven and twelve [Indonesia and Thailand] get cocky!)


Liberty4Ever said...

First, I loved the concept of out-arming the various nations' standing armies. It puts things into perspective. I like that perspective. 2A all the way, baby!

Secondly, the writing was cracking me up.

I didn't purchase any guns during the first half of 2009. I knew prices were going to be outrageous in the early days of The Obamanation, so I purchased a lot of guns and reloading supplies during the previous year. I was a Boy Scout. Be prepared!

I'm about ready to buy a Kel-Tec RFB, now that the availability is heading up and the prices are heading down. I've wanted an RFB (or two!) for over two years. My RFB purchase will probably help to outgun Iran.

Ben said...

Thank you for the comments Liberty4Ever. Glad to hear you're doing your part too.

I'm intrigued by those Kel-Tec RFB's. So far I've only ever seen pictures of them.

Unknown said...

Too bad you can't include C&R puchases. I bought 1 gun that required a NICS check but I bought 5 with my 03FFL.

Bob C said...

Haven't bought any long guns yet. Do they require NICS checks? Does this number just represent handguns?

I'm doing my part. 2 guns so far in '09, with at least 2 more budgeted.

Ben said...

Hi guys. The NICS checks are not a perfect measure of gun sales in the U.S., but they're about as good of yard stick as any. Here in Iowa, for instance, if you have a carry permit, you don't have to undergo a NICS check when you buy a gun. To answer your question Bob C., all gun sales (long gun or handgun) from a licensed dealer usually require a NICS check.

Bawb said...

"Hi. My name's Bob and I'm a Gunaholic." "Hi Bob." "It's been 3 months now since I bought a gun..." "Boo! Hiss! You suck! Get outta here till you buy another!"

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah! And a good point, some with CCP's can purchase without NCIS checks.

The questions are, how many people will use their guns to defent liberty.
And how many will have their guns taken away by "legal" action such as the IRS or bullshit treaties.

You want an interesting lead thrower out to nearly a half mile, check out the SVT-40! ;)