Friday, May 09, 2008


So I’m driving down a Montana highway the other day, mindin’ my own business, when here comes this commercial for Barack Obama on the radio. The narrator is supposed to be a typical Montanan, obviously as conceived by an East Coast marketing expert.

NARRATOR: “Whoo-eee. After a hard day down on the ol’ Montana ranch, shuckin’ turnips and milkin’ the chickens, there’s nothing me and the boys like more’n havin’ a few pulls off the jug and then goin’ up the holler to spotlight some deer. And lemme tell ya, you shore do have to snuff a passel of Bambis to feed sixteen toothless web-footed chil’ren. But seriously folks, that’s why I endorse Barack Obama…”

Then I incredulously hear just how much Barack Obama cares deeply about hunting and fishing and having guns right here in Montana, and how he’ll work hard to protect our right to do every one of those things once he’s elected.

It almost brought tears to my eyes. Just imagine lil’ Barack and his daddy sitting on the Eisenhower Expressway Bridge fishing for bluegills in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. Teen-age Barack posing proudly with the ten-point whitetail he shot down on East Wacker Drive. And adult Barack behind the podium in Daley Plaza, raising a rifle and shouting, “From my cold, dead hands!”

Could this be the same Barack Obama who voted anti-gun on 8 out of 9 bills that came before him in the Senate? Is this the same man who both the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America give an “F” grade to on his firearms legislation record? How about the Obama who, speaking to the liberal elite on the Left Coast, basically said us hicks out here in Fly-Over Country are nothing more than a bunch of bitter racists clinging to God and our guns?

I honestly don’t know the demographic Barack was aiming at with this commercial. Is he trying to capture the Extremely Stupid & Gullible Sportsman vote? There might be one or two people in the state dumb enough to buy that load of tripe, but they are not allowed to play with the pointy scissors, let alone vote. I have heard some real whoppers in my time, but this one takes the cake. It’s worse than Juan McStain promising to build the border fence.

Just to make the point clear, you, Mr Obama, are no Jack O’Connor and no Bill Dance and you sure as hell are no Charlton Heston. Go back to Chicago and leave us alone.


Dave Troester said...

There are some stupid people I work with as a Gun toting Nuclear Security Officer at Iowa's Only Nuke plant that buy his tripe. I know his record and the record of the state he comes from. Just ask Les Bear.

Bawb said...

Say hi to Mark from Aurora for me if he still works at Duane Arnold.

Les Baer, hunh? I supposed Springfield Armory is next. There's a reason for the acronym FIBs.