Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ol' Doc Paul's Constitutional Elixir

Friend and Neighbors,

Ol' Doc Paul's
Constitutional Elixir
Ol' Doc Paul's homegrown remedy works to restore the Constitution to its original, healthy condition. A strong dose of constitutional principle has been known to

Depression (and recession)

Bloating of Government

Shrinkage of Paychecks

Ruptured Borders

Swelling of Political Egos

Emptiness of Gun Cabinets


Beware of over-priced imitators, such as:
"Nanny Obama's Big Government Cure-all"
"Cap'n Johnny's Thermonuclear Solution"
Only Ol' Doc Paul's remedy is made with 100% genuine, American made, constitutional principles, from a recipe handed down for generations.
Ol' Doc Paul's
Constitutional Elixir
will cure what ails us.
Ol' Doc Paul has hung out his shingle at
See yah there!

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