Saturday, May 31, 2008


BBB: Trying to make good after calling them bitter, racist gun-totin' Jesus Freaks, Barack Obama goes for the rural and
agricultural vote in Fly-Over Country

Remember way back when Vice President Dan Quayle misspelled the word potato? The Mainstream Press ridiculed him for months and stuck him with a permanent reputation of being dumber than a box of rocks. Years afterward, they were still making swipes at him for the gaffe. To this day, people continue to pelt him with dictionaries every time he appears.

Meanwhile, the Media’s darling, Mr. Change, the Uniter, the Messiah, Barack Hussein Obama keeps making stupid mistakes Dan Quayle would have been positively crucified for and getting a complete pass on his gaffes. In fact, most people who rely on the Drive-By Media for their “information” haven’t even heard of them.

Perhaps his best gaffe was in Oregon when he spoke of campaigning in, “I think”, 57 states, with only one left to go.

Barack, apparently, cannot tell the difference between Sunshine and Sunrise Florida, nor Sioux Falls, SD and Sioux City, IA. He blames his primary defeat in Kentucky on Clinton’s Arkansas background, making her known in “that part of the country”. Never mind the fact that Obama’s home state of Illinois BORDERS on Kentucky.

After being criticized for not being patriotic when he uncomfortably apologized for wearing an American flag lapel pin, Obama has suddenly found his super patriot status and is becoming quite the hawk. Though he can’t even get that right.

At a Memorial Day speech, Barack said, “On this Memorial Day, as our nations honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes—and I see many of them in the audience here today--.” Apparently he doesn’t know the difference between Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, or perhaps he actually sees dead people like that kid in The Sixth Sense.

Barack himself never served in the military, so now his ancestors have became flag-raising Audie Murphy super commandos during World War Two to make up for it. As when Great Uncle Barack “liberated” Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Never mind the fact it was liberated by the Red Army. Obama is such a socialist, maybe his Great Uncle really was fighting with the Communist forces. Obama, before that, mentioned his ancestor’s role in liberating both Auschwitz AND Treblinka, the latter having also been overrun by the Reds.

The would-be future Commander-in-Chief also said, in Missouri, that the military’s Arabic translators are being stretched far too thin, since they are all stationed in Iraq, leaving none of them available for vital duties in Afghanistan. Never mind the fact that the Afghanis don’t even speak Arabic.

Instead of pointing out this fumbles and bumbles and gleefully making him out to be a moron like they did Dan Quayle, the Drive-by Media continues to make excuses for him. If Juan McStain had made even half these statements, he would have long since been branded a doddering, drooling, senile old fool. But some animals are more equal than others, so the media reports Barack was either “tired” or “misspoke”. No sir, no bias in their ranks.

Obama should watch his six, though. Hillary was once the smartest woman in the world and the media’s darling; now she’s at the bottom of the heap. It took sixteen years for it to happen, but even Billy Jeff Clinton is taking hits from the press corps these days. “Maverick” John McCain, as a RINO turncoat, desperately fawning for media approval, will find out just how faithful the media really is soon as the Democrat nominee is settled for good.

Maybe it will take 16 years for them to finally open their eyes and actually report Obama’s failings and failures, but the Mainstream Press is as warm and cuddly as a barracuda and someday they will smell his blood in the water, too, and come in for the attack.

Meanwhile, you say potato, I say potatoe.


Anonymous said...

This man is going to change your life. Change your life. Ranting and bitching does only one thing buddy, it straw man's the argument. Why dont you try presenting some of Obama's great speeches and timing. How bout what he said after the iowa caucuses? What about what he said after South Carolina? What about what he has said about YOU everytime he speaks? Straw Man; its where you present the other side of the argument in it's weakest from. Grow up buddy no ones listening to you.

Ben said...

Yeah Bawb, ignore all those technical gaffes! Who cares about history, military affairs, or the Constitution anyway? Focus on how Barack makes you FEEL. When Barack says that he wants you "to feel hope about future change in hoping for change in the future of hope," or whatever, don't you feel anything?

Anonymous said...

I feel his slimy hands on my wallet when he raises taxes to pay for all his "Changes"!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the media aren't asking these questions because they are too busy asking about Rev. Wright and Obama's flag pin. Gaffes like those mentioned don't really bother me; what bothers me is that the media lets candidates get by with major inconsistencies and backpedaling and never pushes on really important issues. The questions posed at the last few debates were a disgrace for a country that wants to pretend it's a democracy with a thriving free press.

Bawb said...

Why do I soon expect to hear an Obama supporter say, "...and then he ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father."?