Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Persecuted Preacher In Commie Clink

(AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel)
In April, Ben and Bawb's Blog reported about an American pastor who'd been thrown in a Russian jail for having a box of hunting ammo in his luggage. It turns out that this might not be just another example of the government harassment of gunowners that we've come to expect in foreign communist regimes like Russia, North Korea and California.

The section-chief of our Russian Bureau reported to Bawb and I that this is, in fact, part of a larger systematic harassment of Christians by the government. It seems that KGB thug-turned-president, Vladimir V. Putin has made the Russian Orthodox Church the de facto state religion of Russia. Representatives of other denominations (especially those yucky western ones) seeking to spread the gospel in Russia can count on the Russian government stepping on their toes in any way possible. You can read more about this religious persecution in this New York Times article.

Gun Owners of America still has a website where you can send a pre-written email to Bush Administration officials, urging them to pull their thumbs out and help get this preacher out of the Kremlin's hoosegow.

Rest assured, Ben and Bawb's Blog operatives will be working day and night to find out more information on this story.


Bawb said...

Let's see if we can get the Germans to invade once more. Even Uncle Joe Stalin quit persecuting the church when the Panzers were at the gates of Moscow.

Anonymous said...

As long as the church is Russian Orthodox, Putin and Medvedev don't have a problem with it.