Saturday, May 31, 2008

Help! Frag This Survey!

I got my NRA magazine this month and it's readily apparent that the NRA is already circling John McCain's butt and is moving in for the smooch. They had a big interview with the "maverick" Senator and tossed him softball questions, while bashing the Democrat candidates.

I'm okay with them bashing Barack and Billary, but McCain belongs on gun owners' "Up Yours" list right along with them. To see why gun owners should NOT endorse McCain, check out Gun Owners of America's article about McCain here, or for more in depth coverage read their web page dedicated to him here. (You can also contrast these with Ron Paul's record here.)

A few days after getting my NRA puffpiece on McCain, the NRA-Political Victory Fund (the NRA's political action arm) sent me a survey that you could fill out and compare your answers with the three big presidential candidates. As luck would have it, John McCain had answered every single question correctly (i.e. pro-second amendment).

This survey is also available online here. I urge all gun owners to go there and respond to this survey. The most important question is Question 14 which asks, "Do you think the NRA should endorse any particular presidential candidate at this time?" You can vote for McCain, Clinton or Obama. Since none of these three scumbags deserves to be endorsed by America's gun-owning community, I hope you'll choose the fourth option which is, "NO, the NRA should not endorse any presidential candidate at this time."

I think the NRA should send a message that we will not reflexively endorse anyone just because they have an "R" after their name. Please complete the survey and let the NRA know not to endorse the "least" of three evils.

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