Thursday, September 11, 2008


Boy, oh boy. This election cycle just keeps getting better and better from a sheer entertainment standpoint. At first I was just going to point out, again, the hypocrisy of the Drive-by Media. These people, who live and die by polls, are suddenly, like a school of fish, all turning en masse and proclaiming polls don't mean squat, mainly because the McCainanites just tromped the Obaminations in recent polls. At the same time, however, they are touting an international poll of citizens of other countries, who think Obama should be president.

Especially France. You know, the people who think Jerry Lewis is the greatest comic genius of all time. I won't even get into the "Eeek!!Panzer!!" jokes or the "accidental" bombing of the French embassy in Libya.

Anyway, in addition to France, it now seems that Barrack Hussein Obama has the support of Libya as well. Barry is smokin'!

Mohammar ("Hey Moe!") Gaddafi, Libyan crackpot dictator who still cringes at the name "Reagan" or the sound of an F-111, recently crawled out of his hole with his three virgin female bodyguards to give a rambling speech that kinda sorta stumps for Obama. You can snicker at it here.
Our pal Moe sez...

"There are elections in America now. Along came a black citizen of Kenyan
African origins, a Muslim, who had studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia.
His name is Obama. All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa
applauded this man. They welcomed him and prayed for his success and they may
have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns to enable him to
win the American presidency."

Then Moe bemoans Barry saying that he's a Christian whose first official act in office won't be to immediately blow Israel off the face of the earth. But, adds, Moe...

"We hope that this is merely an elections 'clearance sale', as they say in
Egypt,; in other words, merely an elections lie...Allah willing, it will turn
out that this was merely elections propaganda."

Moe, I think, gives Barry waaaayyyyy too much credit. He seems to think Obama has some kind of omnipotent grasp of all the subtleties of Middle Eastern and international politics and that the whole election is just some kind of clever behind-the-scenes Byzantine plot to destroy Israel and take over America. Barry the Empty Suit just ain't that smart. If his past associates are any indication, if elected Hussein would appoint Louis "Mothership" Farrakan, Zippy the Wonder Goat, and an ouija board as his Mid-East advisors.

Too bad Kim Il Jung is under the weather lately; perhaps he could stump for Barry as well. Or at least they could prop him up and make him wave, like the stiff in Weekend at Bernie's.


Ben said...

I could use a little "protection" like those bodyguards of his.

Anonymous said...

According to the BBC (does this fall into the realm of liberal media??), Gadaffi actually criticized Obama:

Also, how about a truce: conservatives don't mock Obama's middle name, and liberals don't mock the "First Dude"?