Tuesday, September 09, 2008


That bumper sticker is what I seem to be hearing alot these days. Conservatives are flocking back to the GOP and jumping for joy now that they have someone who actually is a Conservative to rally around. McCain sure didn't garner any support or passion. I myself really like Sarah Palin. She's quite the breath of fresh air in the whoredom of Washington politics. I would vote for her in a heartbeat.
The way the unabashedly Leftist Swine that masquerade as our objective "news" media are going waaaayyyyyy out of their way to hack on her just because she is a Conservative will hopefully backfire on them. If Chris Matthews gets tingly feelings down his legs when he hears Obama speak, he probably feels castrated when Palin speaks. Obama could screw a goat, burn the flag, and urinate on the Constitution on live television and the Drive-by Media would forget to mention it while sending battallions of dirt-diggers storming Alaska trying to find out if Palin ever farted in church. That just makes me, and countless others, love Palin that much more.
The problem is, as much as I wish it were so, Sarah Barracuda is not running for president. John MexiCain still is. When it comes right down to it, the Vice-President's most important duties include flying over flooded towns in North Dakota (where natural disasters don't count) and meeting and greeting VIPs from dirt bag little countries like Ubongastan when the President doesn't want to bother with them. Sarah won't have a whole helluva lot of say in what goes on in a McCain Administration.
It will still be President McCain who sets policy. It will still be President McCain who is "reaching across the aisle" to work with the Left. It will still be President McCain signing into law odious amnesty bills, spending bills, and entitlement bills, and I don't think he would bat an eye at signing off again if the Dems in Congress throw a new assault weapons ban on his desk. It will still be President McCain supporting the "Fariness Doctrine", "Real ID", Homeland Security and all the other un-Constitutional crap we got from the Bush Administration.
I'm sure the snooty blueblood elitist neo-cons still at the helm of the RNC are laughing themselves silly. "See, we can screw the living crap out of real Conservatives for years and then, at the last minute, throw them a bone and they'll still support us. Suckas! We can't wait to screw you again. We know you have nowhere else to go. BWAHAHAHAHA!"
So, while I would prefer the GOP win this go-round, I find it rather pathetic that all they can offer us is, "That other guy is a bigger piece of crap than our piece of crap." and "Can we appease you with our VP choice?" We can hope that they set Sarah up for a Presidential run in four years. As nice as that would be at the moment, I'm very, very afraid that four years in Sodom on Potomac, rubbing elbows with the scum that floats to the top of the RNC (as well as the DNC) and all the other sneering elitists may well taint and jade "our" Sarah like all the others by 2012. The best thing that could happen is Juan chokes on a taco his first month in office.
Barry Hussein would, without a doubt, the Worst President Ever. Possibly the last one. McCain will merely be a Very Bad & Weak President. The fact that these two are the best and brightest our nation, and the Two-Party Oligarchy, can offer us just goes to show how little choice we really have.
Is Sarah-cuda enough to make me hold my nose and swallow my bile and give the GOP just one more chance? The verdict is still out. Probably only disgust with the snarky attacks of the Lefty Talking Heads of the Drive-by Media could make me do that. The more these pompous Leftist Cheerleaders sneer and spew in attacking Palin, it seems, the deeper Obama's hole grows.


Anonymous said...

Very good. I'm going to show this to my Mom and brother, who still like McCain. I'm glad I subscribe to your blog.

Old Whig

Anonymous said...

Don't do it. It has been said you teach people how to treat you.
And so it is with our 2 party system
Election after election the choices
get worse. And Why, because nobody votes on principle any more.

This election I will be voting Patriot and not Loyalist.