Thursday, August 20, 2009


So, we've been on the blog for quite some time noting that the so-called Mainstream "journalists" are only slightly less biased and dishonest than Pravda, Tass, or Signal. Now, it's not enough to merely mis-report the news. No folks, now they are deliberately altering footage and keeping people out of the scene if those folks don't support their misrepresentation of the event. In the clip, the talking heads use the ooohhhh it's scarrryyy voice to blither on and on about the white racists showing up with guns to protest a black president, blah-blah, possible white supremacists, blah-blah, hate groups, blah-blah, whitey gonna take a shot at obama, blah-blah.

See the report showing the scary guns and white people here.

All the while, the main man they were showing with the AR in their heavily screened and altered footage was a black Ron Paul supporter named Chris!!!!! Of course, anyone who still watches PMSNBC is probably brain dead by this point anyway so it won't make much difference if they get taken in by this blatant lie. Still, we feel the need to point out the media's continued agenda-driven Orwellian lies, BS, propaganda, and outright Obama cheer leading.

The real deal is HERE!


Ben said...

I almost mentioned this in my post below. I didn't see the video, but a news article from a local AZ newspaper had a picture of the black dude, but the nat'l news article didn't and quoted a Southern Poverty Law study that says that whitey is pissed that Obama is president. But I was trying to comfort a crying baby and had to cut the post short. Scooped by Bawb again!

Also, I can see how the President might be intimidated by this. It should be noted, however, that Bawb could never be intimidated by someone with a mere AR-15 "poodle-shooter," as Bawb swats away .223 rounds like so many pesky mosquitoes.

Bawb said...

Now I can't find the video, but one of the other media talking heads identified Chris B's evil black rifle as an AK-47!

Ben said...

That doesn't surpise me. Usually the only guns the media knows by name are the Uzi and AK-47.