Friday, August 07, 2009


Speaker of the House Nancy "The Dunce" Pelosi has labeled anyone who dares voice an opinion against socialized medicine a Nazi. Apparently, Nancy is as deficient in her knowledge of history as she is with, well, just about everything. The Nazis were, just like Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, et al, SOCIALISTS, as in the National SOCIALIST German Workers' Party. First with Black Panthers intimidating voters outside the polling place in November, the Socialists have now moved on to Union thugs and Acorn hoodlums trying to silence all dissent against the Regime. I guess Black Shirts, Purple Shirts, and Red Shirts help celebrate diversity better than mere Brown Shirts. The result is the same. I'm a little too PO'ed about this to crack jokes, so here are the links to the vids...since the state-run propaganda ministry won't be showing them.
Achtung! Velcome to the der dis-United States of Obamination. You vill submit!

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