Tuesday, September 29, 2009


"For Republicans, the way out of the wilderness in the 2010 midterm elections looks to be paved with healthcare votes."

Although drooling and licking their chops over "The Big Come-Back" in 2010, the Republicans haven't actually changed anything about what got them kicked in the teeth in 2008. The party of Big Government thinks they can weasel their way back in power by running against the party of Bigger Government.

Absolutely nothing, nada, zero, zilch about returning to anything even remotely resembling conservatism, although a handful of Republican politicians are making mumbled half-hearted insincere noises about it in hopes of not getting spanked quite so bad this go-round. I think GOP Cheerleader Yawn Hannity actually believes them, but he's about the only Charlie Brown conservative left who will still let the RNC Lucy hold the football for him.

Newt and the Class of '94 at least went to Washington promising actual changes that might have actually done some small amount of good somewhere...balanced budgets, welfare reform, tort reform, cutting government regulations and spending, tax cuts, even (gasp!) term limits. Of course, the liberal controlled Ministry of Truth ripped into the Contract With America like rabid jackals and it took the Freshman Class of '94 all of about two weeks to become the thing they supposedly despised, aka Big Government Tax-and-Spend Political Whores, just like everyone else in Sodom on Potomac. At least they went through the motions and kind-of sort-of tried to do something.

This latest bunch, possibly to become the Dunces of 2010, isn't even pretending to be about changing anything. They're showing their true colors in that they just want the power back in their hands; they sure don't want that power to decrease or go away. You'll find no Mr. Smith Goes to Washington here, that's for sure.

Even if the GOP sweeps the 2010 race by a landslide, no matter what odious, criminal, disastrous, un-Constitutional bills get passed in the meantime you can bet your sweet patootie they sure as heck won't REPEAL a single one of them. Just like the Dems and Libs thought the Patriot Act was the most heinous, evil, horrible thing to ever rear it's ugly head, they have now decided it's just fine 'n' dandy and even in need of extending and expanding now that their despot has his grubby mits on it. Just like both parties think a line-item veto is desperately needed when their guy is in the Whitehouse, but viciously oppose it when the other guy is in there.

In short, you can't trust any of them. I personally think the time is ripe for a third party to rise to prominence, but I don't see it realistically happening. Both the Dems and the GOP have made darn sure over the past few decades, with ballot access laws and election "reforms", that nobody else can come play in their political yard. Likewise, the State-run Propaganda Ministry has a large vested interest in maintaining a Two-Party Oligarchy that they have so much influence over as well.

So, as always, we will be faced with a tough choice between feces and dung come election time. Of course, with rampant run-away voter fraud and a media with considerably less integrity than intestinal parasites, it's not like your vote really matters anymore anyway. Note to self: Keep diggin' and buy more ammo.


Ben said...

I too like the idea of a principled third-party riding to the rescue, but I don't see it happening either. I think the best we can hope for at the federal level is divided gov't. If the Dems run Congress, give the GOP the Whitehouse or vice-versa. Atleast some spending bills will get vetoed for the sake of partisan bickering.

Jim Fryar said...

Generally a party voted out needs a fair amount of time in what we call "the back paddock," in order to get their act together.

The Republicans were tossed out for the simple reason that they were bad enough to make the Dems look acceptable. The reason they are in the ascendency at present is that the Dems are bad enough to make people forget just why they got rid of the GOP.

The biggest danger in this situation is that if reelected the GOP will go on as before with the assumption that the public has learned from its mistake in 2008.

The great white hope on the horizon is the fact that the Washington Tea Party rally produced a million + people waving small government orientated placards, which should draw some attention to the feelings of the community in general.