Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gun Nut Roundup - Sept. '09

Bunny Hugger Confirmed as "Regulatory Czar."

Professor Cass Sunstein, a paper-shuffling pencil neck, was confirmed by the Senate as Obama’s new “regulatory czar.” In this position he will help craft federal regulations for the Departments of Interior and Agriculture and the BATFE, as well as others.

This should send shivers down the spine of gun owners in general, and hunters in particular. In addition to being hostile to gun rights, Sunstein is an avowed animal rights kook. He even thinks that critters should be able to sue their bipedal oppressors in court (no doubt with a little help from the trial lawyers who have donated so much to the Democrats). Just about every real hunting and trapping association worth its salt opposed him and livestock producers are losing sleep.

Yet another example of the Kenyan saying he supports gun rights while surrounding himself with a veritable who's who of gun banning moonbats.

Socialist Railroad Gets Slightly Less Crappy

For the three or four gun owners out there who actually ride Amtrak, good news! An amendment from Senator Roger Wicker (R-MS) that would allow gun toting railroad riders to transport their weapons in checked, hard-sided, locked containers passed in the Senate. Previously, guns were totally banned on the government-run choo-choos.

This could be vitally important. I've never ridden on, or even seen, an Amtrak train. But I have watched enough movies to know that if you travel by rail, at some point in your trip you will engage in a running gun battle on the roof of the train. Better have your guns!
The provision faces an uncertain future in the House of Representatives.

Ron Paul Endorses Iowa Gun Rights Group

Texas Congressman and former presidential hopeful Ron Paul has endorsed "Iowa Gun Owners." Doctor Paul writes: "I am happy to announce that there is a no-compromise 2nd Amendment group fighting aggressively in your state for your right to keep and bear arms. Iowa Gun Owners is the only organization that takes a committed no compromise stance towards your gun rights."

Formed in January 2009, IGO is the new kid on the Iowa gun rights block, yet they got their first year off with a bang. They got a "Vermont-Carry" bill introduced and won it more votes than many folks thought possible among the noodle-spined wussies in the Iowa legislature.

You can check out IGO's website here.

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