Saturday, October 03, 2009


It’s been painfully obvious to me for quite some time that the GOP, especially the RNC, doesn’t want any input from the rank and file. In fact, they’ve gotten to the point of trying to shut their base out of the process altogether. I think the support Ron Paul got scared the poop out of them the most. They feared he would listen to the people, obey the Constitution, and not dance correctly when they pulled the strings.

One of the ways to negate the threat of a free conservative candidate was discovered by the Montana GOP. They now have a spiffy new “caucus” several weeks before the actual primaries for electing a presidential candidate. In these cauci, only a tiny select handful of hand-picked GOP party faithful….1,300 in the whole state if IIRC…are allowed to cast votes. Oh, sometimes, they’ll put on a little dog-and-pony show where they allow the public to stand up and bitch or pitch for their choice, but then they totally ignore the base rubes and go ahead and pick whomever their party handlers told them to pick. There is still a “real” primary election later on where the peasants are allowed to vote, but the choice has already long since become a done deal.

Likewise, if you oppose the choice your betters have selected for you, they don’t want to hear about it. Emails and letters to both the state GOP and RNC go unanswered if you don’t agree with them. Hell, even if you send him a “You’re doing a *&$#$^ job!” letter, increasingly left-leaning Democrat Senator Max Baucus at least bothers to respond, even if those responses are pretty much just form letters. The GOP ignores and snubs their own base.

Of course, they still find the time to constantly contact you with e-mails and fliers in which they pat themselves on the back for doing such a great job and then demand more money from you. I feel sorry for RNC Chairman Michael Steele, who apparently is delusional and going off the deep end. The last time I heard from him in a Beg-A-Thon letter he addressed me as “Dear fellow conservative”. Fellow conservative?!?!? Oh, I got a good laugh over that knee-slapper.

So basically…and this goes for both parties…your “betters” are gonna run the show with as little input from the washed masses as possible. Notice how the tea parties and town hall protests scare the living daylights out of them and they and the state-run media do their best to ignore and then marginalize the voice of the people. My God, you give them an inch and the next thing you know they’ll be wanting a Constitutional republic or something.

No, fellow citizen, it is your job to shut the hell up, give lots of money, and vote when and for whom you’re told to. Then, in the aftermath of the fiasco, our “betters” can sit around scratching their head and wondering why their ever-faithful (“Where else they gonna go?”) base voting block either stayed home or voted third party.

Well, the Vichy Republican neo-cons are not longer scratching their heads over their staggering losses. Nope, they ain’t gonna let that horse throw them. They’re climbing right back up in the saddle to cleverly dish out big doses of the exact same crap that got them kicked in the nards before. That’s right, they’re using Juan “Amnesty” McCain’s failing formula…”Sidestep march! left-left-left!”… but essentially putting it on steroids now.

Judas John is involved big time in crafting, along with the rest of the RINO’s, a “makeover” of the GOP. Makeover, of course, meaning more of the same crap that failed so miserably before. Good plan, Juan. Here’s the Politico’s take on that, from wence comes RedState Erick Erickson’s take in the Politico.

“I’m sure John McCain has a lot of political favors he wants to return in 2010, but I don’t trust his views of who a winning candidate is anymore than I trust his ability to pick a winning campaign staff,” he said. “McCain has never really been a conservative, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s picking non-conservative candidates.”
Juan is jumping up to support lots of wishy-washy left-leaning neo-con RINO’s who “share his values”. One obvious example is McCain and the other RNC neo-con weenies backing slimy, limp-wristed, liberal-leaning “Windsock Charlie” Crist over real conservative Marco Rubio in the nomination for the Republican Senatorial race in Florida. Beltway buffoon Brian Walsh of the National Republican Senatorial Committee is right there with McCain. Judging from their reactions, they would gladly push Karl Marx himself as a GOP candidate as long as he was willing to put an ( R ) behind his name. From the American Spectator.

But it was clearly unnecessary for the NRSC to put its thumb on the scale in Florida in favor of Crist, a man the conservative base of the Republican Party prays is not the future of the party. Cornyn and others in the national Republican establishment have created real enmity in the conservative base of the Florida party (and elsewhere where they've supported liberal candidates over conservatives). If only the conservative base could vote, neither Cornyn nor Crist could be elected assistant county rat-catcher anywhere in Florida. To them it is just one more example of the Republican Party sticking its thumb in the eyes of conservatives. Mention either Crist or Cornyn to these folks and I hear verbs and adjectives (and the odd gerund) I've rarely encountered since I was a Sixth Fleet sailor.
It’s summed up as the winning strategy of, “Our liberals can beat your liberals.”

Not wanting to miss out, Steve Schmidt, the brilliant Rommel-like strategic genius who ran McCain’s 2008 campaign, also jumped on the Vichy bandwagon, decrying the dangers of letting actual conservatives loose in the party and, of course, tossing in some more Palin bashing for good measure while he was at it.

We could go on through a whole nationwide host of left-leaning neo-con RINO candidates Juan and the RNC boys are backing to the hilt, the same hilt that is thudding into the spines of conservatives getting stabbed in the back…again…by the GOP.

Once more, I gotta go back to the Bart Simpson and the electrified cupcake to find something close to parity with the greed, stupidity, and ability to learn of the Republicrat ruling elite these days.

Grab! Z-zap! Ow! Grab! Z-Zap! Ow! Grab! Z-Zap! Ow! Grab! Z-Zap! Ow!


Jim Fryar said...

I get those Emails and letters too, here in Oz. If they find your name, they ask.

I quite liked this from Rubio:

The former speaker of the Florida House acknowledged the hardships of facing off against fellow Republican Gov. Charlie Crist.

“If you are unhappy with the Republican establishment, then let’s get a new establishment,” he said.

Rubio added that he, too, had been disappointed in the Republicans who gained power for much of this decade but failed to make government smaller and accomplish other conservative goals.

“I know your hearts have been broken before in politics,” Rubio said.

Bawb said...

My next doot neighbor is THE uber Republican. When the GOP called him last fall for donations, he told them after nominating McCain they could go to Hell and they would never see another dime from him again. The caller tiredly admitted he was hearing alot of that lately. Folks are voting with their wallets, their ballots, and their feet and the elitists still don't get it. And then they wonder why we left the party.