Thursday, October 22, 2009



Well here's a big surprise. Yet another Obama csar (BTW, he has more presidentialy-created csars than both Bushes and Clinton combined...a nice way to have a select corps of puppet-like robot thugs who answer only to you and evade Senate confirmation) has come out in support of Chinese Communist dictator and mass-murderer (let's give him a big Obama Administration hand, ladies and gentlemen) Chairman Mao Tezung.
Judging from the company he keeps, it is apparently a requirement that one must be either a Communist or a tax cheat, or both, to be a member of the Obama cabinet or one of his army of approximately 2,372 (and counting) csars. Fanatical environmental wacko nutcases can, of course, get a waiver for having paid taxes if they promise not to do so in the future.
To those not familiar with this particular socialist weasel and latest Mao fan, Ron Bloom was "Car Czar" and is Csar for Manufacturing Policy. The White house says Bloom will "work closely with the National Economic Council, providing leadership on policy development and strategic planning for the President's agenda to revitalize the manufacturing sector..." That's quite a handful for someone whose vast expertise in business and manufacturing includes only being an SEIU negotiator/thug and a petty bureaucrat. I do hear, though, that he is attending "Community Organizer" night school classes to improve his qualifications.
Below we see an example of Bloom working with the unions to spend huge wads of stimulus money "to integrate existing programs and develop new initiates affecting the manufacturing sector" by constructing this new CM (Congressional Motors) automobile plant in South Chicago, to stimulate the depressed local economy. "When this efficient new green-powered automobile plant comes on-line, three years late and $18.7 billion over budget, Chicago's economy will be booming while they manufacture a government-mandated eco-friendly version of the Yugo, to be named the Pelosi GTxi SS/RT Sport Edition. We think it will be in great demand, if we ever get the factory built. This is what we have so far, following Mao's Great Leap Forward methods, after a mere six months of construction and $37.2 billion spent. Pretty snazzy, hunh?"

Anyway, to finally get to the real stuff, here's the now famous Mao quotes good ol' Ron spewed forth in a speech to (surprise!) unions.
"We know that the free market is nonsense" and "We kind of agree with Mao that political power comes largely from the barrel of a gun."

Confronted about this speech later by Fox News, Bloom twisted around like a ferret, began to roll his eyes and froth at the mouth, and commented, "Hey, I was just kidding around. Making a little joke. Besides, what the hell do you know about anything? I went to Harvard. And if you don't shut up I'll send the (expletive deleted) tanks to run over your (expletive deleted) ass and crush your so-called news organization into a blazing Waco-like ruin, you (expletive deleted). Die, you (expletive deleted), die! I'll kill you! I'll kill you all! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
Disconcerted by the severity of this outburst, every single channel of the Mainstream "news" Media immediately ran nearly identical stories about an elderly man in Florida whose poodle (Snookums) was eaten by an alligator.
Join us next time when Commune-With-Plants and Save-the-Sasquatch Csar Richard "Cindy" Noggin reveals he/she/it engages in human sacrifice for the purpose of satan worship and also believes itself to be the reincarnation of Vladimir Lenin.


Jim Fryar said...

I thought you were just kidding about until I saw it on Shillsbury.

Bawb said...

You can't make this stuff up; it really had to happen.