Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Ha-Ha! Now that's funny!

Blasphemy! Sacrilege! Harsh! Heresy! Profanity! Outrage! Sinful!

Saturday Night Live has been doing skits about U.S. Presidents since Chevy Chase stumbled and bumbled and knocked everyone down in the vicinity as Gerald Ford. That makes six previous administrations who've been lampooned, along with sundry other political characters. My all-time favorite had to be Dana Carvey playing both Bush Senior and Ross Perot in a faux campaign debate. "Lookeee here! Look at the pie chart!" Even mere presidential candidates have been ridiculed. The stuff about Sarah Palin, Bob Dole, and even Hillary Clinton certainly could have been called harsh.

Now, however, that the Great & Powerful 0 has been lampooned just like Ford, Carter, Reagan, both Bushes, and Clinton, it is suddenly out-of-bounds, underhanded and "harsh" for SNL to do such a horrible, unfair thing to "The One". I hear PMSNBC's Softball Chris "Tingly Leg" Matthews has locked himself into the shrine he built to the Big 0, from which wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garmets can be heard.

In the other state-run news outlets, the talking and writing heads have received their marching order talking points from the Whitehouse Press Secretary and are mindlessly, dutifully regurgitating them for public consumption, especially the key word "harsh".

"Saturday Night Live" opened its show with a particularly harsh send-up of President Obama last night."

"...a skit that offered a harsh critique of his accomplishments..."

"Some felt SNL was too harsh on the president..."

"...the SNL Obama skit that opened this week’s show was harsh..."

"Some say it’s about time SNL waded in on Obama, others think Saturday Night Live was too harsh."

"SNL’s skit of President Obama and his many failures was pretty harsh..."

Other Ministry of Truth robots, CNN and Yahoo News (about the same journalistic skill and integrity as far as I can tell) actually had to snootily FACT CHECK the comedy skit to dispute the accuracy of its claims. It's a flipping COMEDY SKIT!

Now the Big Zero himself has descended upon his cloud to refute the COMEDY SKIT, the same kind of skit that's been going on for everyone else for over three decades. Why does he think all of the rules that apply to everyone else do not apply to him? Why does he think he's utterly above any reproach, criticism, or even accountability? When was the last time some Mainstream Pravda or Tass FACT CHECKED the contents of an Obama speech? Now there's some fertile ground.

To the O and his O-Bots I gotta go with Sergeant Hulka (Warren Oates) from the movie Stripes: "Lighten up, Francis."


Ben said...

Looks like SNL hit a nerve with these liberals. Good!

I can remember SNL creator Lorne Michaels saying in an interview that Republicans always took in stride when SNL made fun of them. They were used to being mocked by entertainers. But the Democrats were always shocked when THEY were made fun of.

Ben said...

By the way, if you want to see the skit that has the media wetting their pants go to:

I just watched it. It seemed pretty tame to me. Certainly no more "harsh" than 8 years of portraying G.W. Bush as having borderline mental retardation.