Sunday, October 25, 2009

Gun Nut Roundup - October '09

Supreme Court to Hear McDonald v. Chicago

The U.S. Supreme Court will again be reviewing a case dealing with the Second Amendment. Last year the court ruled in its historic Heller decision that the Second does, in fact, protect an individual right. However, the Heller decision only shielded the Second Amendment from federal abuse.

The law in question in the new case is a municipal gun ban in Chicago (the Devil's lair), which means if the Court strikes it down, the Second Amendment will officially be "incorporated" against state and local laws by the Fourteenth Amendment.

Representing the good guys in McDonald v. Chicago is attorney Alan Gura, the same man who won the Heller case for gun owners. Wish 'em luck.

Poll Shows Public Support for Second Amendment (Again)

A Rasmussan Reports national survey released this month shows record-low levels of support for more gun control. Key findings include:

  1. 71% of Americans believe the U.S. Constitution protects the right of ordinary citizens to own guns
  2. 69% say city governments do NOT have the power to ban handguns
  3. 63% agree with the Supreme Court's Heller decision.
  4. 50% are opposed to stricter gun laws, 11% are unsure, and only 39% favor stricter laws.
RINO Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Registration Law
California's bulging governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a law requiring people purchasing ammunition be fingerprinted and registered. Mail order ammo sales would be prohibited. Retailers would also have to store ammunition where customers can't get at it. No law enforcement organization supported the bill and 15 sheriffs publicly opposed it.
Gun owners know all too well that crazy laws that start on the left coast soon get imported to their own states. Keep your eyes peeled and your powder dry.

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