Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Remember back during the campaign when Obama was a “Christian”, even if he was one who went to "not hear" and "not support" the wacky Reverend Wright’s racist rants for 20 years?

Now that he’s safely ensconced upon the throne, he seems to have forgotten all about his “Christianity”. First we got the World Boot-Licking Tour in which he apologizes to everyone, including pets and houseplants, in every nation, to include saying America is not a Judea-Christian nation but could really be called a Muslim nation. He covers the cross during a speech at a Jesuit university. He doesn’t let the Whitehouse participate in the National Day of Prayer, but he’s happy to have a Whitehouse Ramadan dinner. During his Ramadan video message, he spoke of the Muslim virtues of “advancing justice, progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.” (Well, except for us infidels, of course.) At the dinner, he praises “the great religion”, then added, “If you don’t agree, you’re a RACIST!”

To be fair, it was George “Jorge” W. Bush who started the whole Ramadan dinner-at-the-Whitehouse thing, when he called Islam “the religion of peace”, basically while the rubble of the World Trade Center was still smoldering. We here at das blog had our disagreements with the Bush Administration, too. Stepping on civil rights, expanding the size of government, and spending like a drunken sailor. From that perspective, the Obama Administration is little more than the GOP/Bush bunch on super steroids.

An example of a "Bad Bush" program (pogrom?) Ben and I detested and protested was the so-called Patriot Act. Just about every Dem in the country did too. Now, however, that Zero the Hero wields the reins of power, it has suddenly become a very good idea that needs to be kept and extended. Especially to be used against “domestic terrorists” and RACISTS.

Speaking of past presidents, I’ve sure been missing Billy Jeff Clinton lately. Remember, “It’s the economy, stupid!”? You sure don’t hear that phrase much these days. The Dems and their state-run media organs keep crowing about the recession/depression being over, all the green shoots, the rebound, the brilliant success of the porkulus bill thus far, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

As usual, the real world doesn’t agree with the Big Zero’s less-than-truthful analysis, aka "You lie!" A prime indicator of real world economics, a ghost fleet of empty container ships larger than the D-Day invasion force lies at anchor off Singapore, with many shipyards being likewise empty and unused. Thousands of railroad cars lie rusting on unused sidings around the country. Foreclosures are up 18% from this month last year; there would be a lot more, but the pipeline is jammed full and lending institutions are overwhelmed. Millions still become unemployed every month, with the official unemployment rate set at just under 10%, a figure that's even less accurate than say "11 million illegals." I also recall something along the lines of "If you pass my stimulus bill, unemployment will never pass 8%." Remember when the media was throwing a hissy fit that it was the end of the world when unemployment hit 4% under Bush? Where's all the media outrage, shouts, and wailing now? (Sounds of crickets chirping in the distance.)

But if you say the economy is in the toilet and criticize the government pissing away trillions on non-solutions, you’re a RACIST.

In addition to thoughts of Clinton and Bush, another past president has reared his ugly head, rather like a serpent from the rocks. Yup, our old pal Jimmy Carter has been dredged up out of retirement to be quoted by the state-run media as another “expert” source on all domestic and international politics. Funny, they don’t bring in Bush 41 or Shrub or Clinton for interviews. And Reagan, they tried to forget he ever existed when he was still alive. Only the Peanut Boy knows.

Anyway, I'll bet you can guess what Jimmy had to say about the 9/12 Tea Party protesters. Yup, that’s right, we’re all RACISTS.

When the race card is the only hand in your deck, your policies obviously don’t have a leg to stand on. Only a continuous bombardment of propaganda by the Ministry of Truth is keeping the listing, leaking, floundering Obamanation ship of state afloat. One has to wonder how long they can keep bailing out the Titanic with a tea cup. Folks aren't laughing at the joke anymore. They're getting fed up and pissed off.

But then, who cares what they think. After all, they're nothing more than RACISTS.

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