Friday, March 26, 2010


As I noted during my last column, I had to go shoot the FAL because we’re just too isolated out here in the mountains of Fly-Over Country to have any Demoncrat Party offices to throw bricks through the windows thereof. That mere suggestion is apparently enough for some to demand my arrest. If I even thought about suggesting said brick should instead be shoved up the arse of House “Rules” Committee fiction-writer Louise Slaughter (D-NY), there would probably be a team of black clad men with their faces covered (remember the good old days when it was the criminals who had to wear masks to conceal their identity?) kicking down my door and clubbing me with submachine guns.

Slaughter is, of course, throwing a hissy bitch fit with much wailing and gnashing of teeth and rending of garments because someone threw a brick through the window of her Niagara Falls office. The politicians, left wing nuts, and talking heads are going after Sypsy Street Irregular blogger Mike Vanderboegh, author of The Window War, in an attempt to paint him as a dangerous extremist nut case out to cause violence and civil war and suggesting that the right to free speech doesn’t actually apply to people like him. Some are even demanding his arrest and criminal prosecution.

Meanwhile, the media is treating as a completely credible news source and legitimate leader of the black community in America our buddy, our pal, racist, anti-Semitic, anti-American raving lunatic Louis Farrakhan, fuhrer of the Nation of Islam. Calypso Louie says any dissent against Emperor Obama is hateful, intolerant, and dangerous. In a recent radio interview he made the claim that the “white right” is fomenting an "environment of hate" in a conspiracy that will lead to the assassination of the Prez.

This indubitably accurate spokesman, worthy of quoting extensively by the mainstream state-run media, has some quotes the "journalists" always seem to overlook. Loving, kind, sane, intellectual, non-racist and definitively not hateful quotes such as:

"All Moslem [sic] will murder the devil (white people) because they know he is a snake and also if he be allowed to live, he would sting someone else."

Then there's the orbiting Mothership, undetectable by man's instruments, that an Islamic prophet took Louie up to for a visit.

“Allah has taught that blueprints of a plane which carries bombs was given to the Japanese from the Holy City of Mecca, and that these blueprints had been there for thousands of years. These bombs would go into the earth for at least a mile and would throw up the earth to a distance of one mile, so that it would make a mountain. I have reminded registered Moslems of this [sic] teachings.”

That's right, folks. I did not make that crap up. I couldn't come up with such crazy BS even under the influence of powerful narcotics. This oh-so-legitimate source also recently expressed fear for Obama's very life because of some protest signs depicting Barack as Hitler.

Signs like these, Louie?

Other House Dems are running around screaming that the sky is falling as well, that they live trembling in fear and terror of the inevitable violence against them, and trying to blame Republicrats for not condemning the public enough for dissent against the Emperor and his House of Eunuchs. As usual, the media hacks are shrieking about talk radio. Apparently, members of the public cannot think for themselves; Rush Limbaugh has some kind of mind control ray to make us non-conformists all do his bidding, lurching about in perfect unison in zombie fashion, drooling on ourselves in the process.

House Majority Weasel Hugh R. Krupt (D-France) noted, "Just because we ignored everything the people said and voted against their will and spit in the faces of our constituents and foisted upon them a monstrous entity that does nothing but increase the government's power and have totally ignored the rampant unemployment that the press deliberately doesn't cover and have bankrupted their great-great-great grandchildren does not give the unwashed masses any right to express dissent! Let 'em eat cake!"

I can't help but notice a wee tad bit of double standards and hypocrisy on the part of the Lefties and their yapping puppets in the media. Where was all the indignation, alarm-ism, and condemnation when the Bush-Hitler signs above were endlessly paraded in the streets? Where were the cries and shrieks against hate and violence and intolerance for the "Kill Bush" video games, movies, signs, T-shirts, books, and You Tube videos such as these:

Oh that. That was "art". Those were just legitimate expressions of free speech, fully protected by the First Amendment. It wasn't hateful.

Judging from the afore-mentioned examples, I would be willing to bet Bush got more death threats than the current buffoon residing in the White House. The talking heads and Dem spokescritters are still (I heard it on the radio Wednesday) trumpeting one of their many tired old Big Lies: Obama has received more death threats than any president in history, threats against Obama are up 400% over Bush, etc., etc. Never mind that this bit of fiction was thoroughly debunked by the Director of the Secret Service. We can't have reality getting in the way of such a good bumper-sticker-slogan-talking-point for the intellectual, free-thinking, cerebral Obama worshipers with the glazed-over eyes to numbly chant over and over again. Hope and change, hope and change, hope and change.

Union thugs and ACORN hoodlums engaging in actual violence at some of the town hall meetings, caught on video on more than one occasion, was not violent or hateful, nor worth covering on the news. Black Panthers blockading polling places was not hateful or intimidating. When 60’s radicals such as Obama's close friend, mentor, crony, ghost writer, and babysitter (who he didn’t really know at all) Bill Ayers were blowing up people and buildings it was their “right to protest”. When taxpayers who just got the screwing of their lives throw a few bricks, it is the end of the world as we know it, a climate of violence, danger, hatred, terrorism, civil war, mayhem, blood running in the streets, FLOODS, LOCUSTS, PESTILENCE, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!!! AAAIIIIEEEE!!!

As Orwell so eloquently put it, some animals are more equal than others. And it's easy to tell who the pigs are. Especially now that the draft horses are finally getting tired of pulling the load for everyone else.

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