Sunday, March 28, 2010


As noted earlier, the left and the press (same thing) are having a hissy bitch fit over the so-called Window War and a handful of reports of folks throwing bricks through the windows of Democratic offices. The same tired of BS is being hauled out as the blame game is played. Talk radio, of course, is at the top of the list; the talking heads and leftist alarmists blamed Rush Limbaugh for OKC as well, so why not this too? Blogger Mike Vanderboegh has been elevated to a new status as a terrible hate-monger promoting violence and civil war. At the same time peace-loving leftists angry at his words are threatening Mike and his family (always anonymously, of course) with everything from death to dismemberment. This, of course, has made Mike's Sypsey Street Irregulars my new favorite blog.

The lefty politicos are shrieking that words have caused all this furor and brick-throwing "terror", and that the RINO’s are partly to blame for not condemning loudly enough members of the public who are fed up with a government run rampant. Obeying the next step in the pre-programmed and predictable dance, "conservative" RINO’s Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are pleading for the horrific violence to stop.

Words do indeed mean things. The Left seems to regard words as more powerful than actions. And only some words are bad, or are only bad if certain people say them. The media especially believes in the power of words, since they’ve been shaping opinion for decades with their words, whether those words were even remotely true or not. With the Internet and talk radio on the rise, they see their monopoly on brainwashing slipping away from their grasp, and their own words grow harsher and more hysterical as their power wanes.

There’s an old saying that actions speak louder than words. Apparently the leftists and the media have never heard of this, or perhaps they just believe that only "right-wing" actions have any effect or pose any danger.

They seem to have forgotten the 2008 Republican Convention in the Twin Cities. Left-wing protesters threw bricks through the windows of charter buses, sending convention delegates, especially some elderly ones, to the hospital. Bags of sand were dropped off of highway overpasses onto other vehicles, causing a good deal of damage but, fortunately, no deaths. Sounds like attempted manslaughter to me. Hmmm, I didn't see Louise Slaughter on TV condemning these acts.

Some windows are more equal than others. If it's "just" a Marine Corps recruiting office, apparently brick throwing is fine and dandy, and not even worth reporting.

Then there’s the Democrats’ darlings, the unions. In April of 2008, Obama’s buddies in the Service Employees International Union went to war with another union, the California Nurses Association, by storming a union conference to break it up. During the attack, one person wound up in the hospital and another died of a heart attack. In fact, there are an average of 300 incidents of union violence (at least 300 that get officially reported) in the U.S. every year. In a 3-year strike conducted by the Teamsters against a trucking company, there were some 55 shootings. In West Virginia during a strike in 1993, one Eddie York, father of three, crossed the picket lines to go to work and had his head blown off. In this case, not even words were important to the left and the press. AFL-CIO Secretary Treasurer Richard Trumka compassionately said at the time, “If you strike a match and put your finger in, common sense tells you you’re going to burn your finger.” At a 2008 town hall meeting for Democrat Congresscitter Russ Carnahan, it was caught on video as several purple-shirted SEIU thugs attacked and beat a black conservative protester who was handing out miniature Gadsen flags. Thirty-eight year old Kenneth Gladney wound up in the hospital after the beating with injuries to knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face. Why didn’t Katie Couric play the video over and over and decry the violence?

Obama's army of thugs, the SEIU, even uses violence against their fellow unions to get their way.

In the Rocky Mountain West, the bunny-huggers are a particular thorn in the side. Saving the Earth apparently can’t be done with words. You need actions such as violence, vandalism, and sabotage. Even Eric "Heinrich" Holder’s FBI has to acknowledge that the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and its sister organization, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), are the nation's "No. 1 domestic terrorism threat.” It is estimated that ELF and ALF have caused more than $110 million in damage. “Liberating” lab animals and spiking trees has escalated into fire-bombing ski resorts with home-made napalm and destroying research labs, ranger stations, meatpacking plants, and timber company offices. Although ELF claims they take care, during these acts of sabotage and destruction, to make sure no “animal-humans or nonhumans are harmed” another of their memos read: "Where it is necessary we will no longer hesitate to pick up the gun to implement justice and provide the needed protection for our planet that decades of legal battles, pleading, protest and economic sabotage have failed so drastically to achieve. The diverse efforts of this revolutionary force cannot be contained, and will only continue to intensify as we are brought face to face with the oppressor in inevitable, violent confrontation." Why isn't Algore doing a "documentary" on this threat?

Well, as long as they didn't throw any bricks, I guess this is OK.

Then there's the Religion of Peace. How about those New Black Panthers, the ones with the semi paramilitary garb and billy clubs outside of a polling place in Philadelphia. Can you imagine the hue and cry if cammo-clad “militia” members did the same thing? This same bunch provoked a melee outside of Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney's campaign headquarters and physically attacked reporters, berating them for all being Jews. Although the Nation of Islam usually engages in word warfare, physical violence is on the agenda too. In LA in 2005 Nation of Islam “protesters” attacked local stores, carrying clubs, smashing displays and refrigerator units containing alcoholic beverages, threatening store employees and telling them not to sell alcohol to the African-American community…or else. We didn’t hear much from the press or the lefties when the D.C. sniper, who deliberately targeted even kids and pregnant women “for the sheer terror of it”, was a member of the Nation of Islam. A Muslim soldier fragged his commanders in the early days in Iraq and more recently Nidal Hassan murdered 12 and wounded 30 innocent bystanders at Fort Hood. Why do the talking heads and politicos bend over backwards to defend Islam? How come Louis Farrakhan apparently isn’t worried about such things but is instead spewing protests about the threat of violence against Obama posed by “the white-right”?

A vandalized black Christian church. Not even worth reporting. But what if the same thing had happened to a mosque?

Let's not forget the "oppressed" leftist members of the gay community? Jodie Evans and Medea Benjamin, head of Code Pink and top Democrat Party activists, have for years been terrorizing wounded soldiers, their families, and public officials, even in military hospitals or at their homes, going so far as to taunt children of military members at the Whitehouse Halloween Party. They openly advocated and led a campaign to kidnap George and Laura Bush, asking militant Muslims for assistance in that project. When it comes to aiding and abetting, they’ve played footsie with, and given money to, such worthies as Mahmoud Ahmadeinejad, Huge Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Hamas, the Taliban, and Hezbollah. Are they condemned by the President? Nope, instead he embraces and celebrates them as good friends and allies.

The list goes on and on and on. Yet all we hear about is the danger and terror of politically incorrect words, and the "threat" of Tea Parties. Well, the following pictures aren't from any Tea Party. And I have yet to see a Tea Party where all the participants thought they had to wear masks to conceal their identity.

So, as we see, actions do indeed speak louder than words. Especially when it comes to hypocrisy.

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Mattexian said...

I think it's funny how Beck keeps talking about and quoting the Founding Fathers, while completely omitting any reference to the Sons of Liberty, who were the ones who attacked royal offices and officers in the colonies, trying to make *them* see the error of their ways and pass along to their superiors, maybe increasing the tea tax wasn't a good idea. Our current crop of "elites" hasn't gotten it thru their heads yet, it doesn't matter how beneficial universal health care is, if it's flat-out unConstitutional! They can encourage all the church-run soup kitchens they want, but when they take the money from my wallet to pay for it, instead of allowing my to contribute to whichever church I prefer to support that, that's theft, plain and simple, and they don't get that.