Saturday, June 12, 2010


What the government is here to protect you from.

Mexican gun-runner. No problem. Perfectly Harmless
Dairy cows! Aiiieeee! Heinous threat to life, liberty and the American Way.

As the frenzied bashing of Arizona state laws that no one in the Obama Justice Department has actually read, two Mexican ILLEGALS were busted (by local authorities) in Texas. The ILLEGALS, Damaso Alberto Rueda Cabrera and Arnulfo de la Cruz Sanchez, caught in possession of some 147 assault rifles with 10,000 rounds of ammunition and various sundry gun-related items.

Being felons in possession of firearms, if they were American citizens they could be sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison or $250,000 per violation, or a maximum of 735 years and $36,750,000. But, since they were ILLEGALS, they apparently have more rights than mere American citizens, so they were sentenced to terms of TEN DAYS and FORTY FIVE DAYS for pleading guilty to entering the United States illegally. Of course, the ATF is involved. You didn’t have to even ask, did you?

Ten and 45 days? Why even bother. If it were you or me, American Citizens, we would have been buried so far under a federal prison that we would pray for a cockroach just to have some company. Hell, they killed Randy Weaver’s wife and son over a sawed-off shotgun. Seventy six branch division men, women, and children were roasted alive because the BAT-men believed that, even though they had not done anything illegal at that point, they could possibly be modifying legal arms into illegal arms. There are people still in prison because the ATF managed to define shoestrings, a single spring, or malfunctioning weapon as a MACHINE GUN.

In fact, since the judge scoffed at their asinine conspiracy theory regarding the Hutaree, the Feds took some time off to regroup and have now filed an entirely new set of charges involving illegal weapons and bomb-making materials. By BATF definition, if you have a shoestring and a piece of plumbing in your garage you are probably guilty of possessing a machine gun and bomb-making materials. They’re probably considered weapons of mass destruction, too. I wouldn’t doubt that the Hutaree’s suddenly unearthed “unregistered short-barreled rifles” as claimed by the Feds have fresh hacksaw marks in the metal.

Other dangerous threats the Federal government is protecting is from lately are those pesky Amish again. The Environmental Protection Agency, showing it too can be as rogue as the ATF, is using its own unconstitutional rules and regulations to go after Amish dairy farmers in Lancanster County, Pennsylvania. If they can’t sop the Amish from producing whole milk, I guess they’re just gonna stop them from farming altogether.

The EPA is charging the Amish with polluting Chesapeake Bay with cow poop. Almost a century of huge industrial complexes in the area dumping their untreated wastes into streams and tributaries flowing to the Bay until caught and fined (if at all) apparently has no environmental impact whatsoever. Major cities dumping all kinds of unspeakable filth into lakes and rivers get a pass for monetary and political reasons. Big $$$$ payoff covers up much if any media attention while Amish farmers are now targeted to distract from the Mega-Agribusiness, big industry and large metropolitan areas dumping.

Yes, it is ironic that the Amish and Mennonites fled Europe in the 1700’s to avoid government persecution and believe that they should take care of their own and are mistrustful of outsiders in general and government in particular. Could their freedom and anti-establishment beliefs be contributing to the Feds’ need to whip them into line? Perhaps they are seen as a threat to Big Ag and its governmental mercenaries. Or maybe it’s just some more good old-fashioned Christian bashing. I’ll bet if they were a Muslim sect Uncle Sammy Obammy wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole.

What is it about dairy farmers that so pisses the government off? The Department of Fatherland, er I mean Motherland, er I mean Homeland “Security” is threatening to use Eminent Domain to confiscate land from another family dairy farm. What with all the gunfights, border incursions, chaos, and ruin going on at the international borders, Uncle Sammy has finally seen that it need to use a wad of “stimulus” money to build a fancy new border checkpoint.

Of course, this is not in Texas or Arizona. It’s in VERMONT! Yes, a border station that sees an average of FORTY vehicles per day needs to be expanded…at the expense of taking land from a local family dairy farm…to protect us from the insidious and violent Canadian border invasion.

DHS spokesperson Obergruppenfuhrer Barb Wire stood up for the decision. “Why, just last year this important border security post intercepted and apprehended some three Canadians, two of whom were trying to smuggle non-American bacon into the country, and one who was armed with an unregistered hockey sick.”

"Don't worry. We know what's best. We're from the government, and we're to help you. So shut your face and take this chip in your forehead."


Unknown said...

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Jim Fryar said...

I have watched in dismay for many years as the Amish are picked on by the Feds.

If they would just abandon that turn the other cheek, peace on earth and goodwill to men thing, they could be a great kick arse militia with all the right motivation.

Let me know if those Mexicans get their guns back, nothing would surprise me.