Sunday, June 13, 2010


Oh, Happy! Happy, Joy Joy! The Unclothed Emperor and his toadies in government and the MSM, aka the Far Left Cheerleader Squad, have announced that, for the 314th time, the “recession” is over. They are crowing about the miraculous 575,000 jobs “created” in May.

What they forgot to mention was that only 150,000 of those are real, full-time, permanent private sector jobs, you know, the kind people can actually make a living and feed their children and keep a roof over their head with. Most of the rest are once-a-decade part-time temporary Census taker jobs. And even those numbers, it turns out, are padded like hell. It seems that the Census Bureau is hiring people on about a weekly basis and then re-hiring them the next Monday and counting that as a “new” job created.

But not to worry! Since the campaign, Obamassiah has been promising to save the economy with “green jobs”. In fact, he promised and the state-run media ran with the figure of five million new jobs. The original figure was quoted as “864 hillion bazillion jobs” but even Chris Matthews was forced to say, “If you’re just going to make up these random ass numbers, you have to make them halfway believable. Not even the American sheeple we’re spoon-feeding the ‘news’ to are that stupid.”

Let’s take just a quick peek at some of the wonderful green job opportunities that, as we're being promised by the Dictatorship and the Propaganda Ministry, will no doubt contribute millions to the economy and kick-start private industry and reduce sun spots and cure male pattern baldness.

For instance, while historic buildings and landmarks across the nation crumble into ruin and you can’t find a campsite in a National Park to save your life and the concessionaires are staffed entirely by Nigerians to whom ‘I would like a huckleberry shake” does not translate, the National Park Service is hiring for the position of Climate Change-CESU/RLC Coordinator.

Apply now, folks! For the paltry sum of $136,770 per year you too could, "…communicate significant issues and news, and be the liaison among various NPS programs, with an emphasis on the integration of climate change activities within the NPS and with other agencies, especially the Department of Interior Bureaus that are involved with climate change activities.”

Or, you could work for the Forest Circus, Department of Aggravation, in Houghton, MI as a “scientist” who, “Develops and implements communication, outreach, and technology transfer activities related to ecosystem management and climate change. Organizes workshops, seminars, trainings, and scientific meetings.” That pays up to $89,000 a year which, in Michigan these days, is the equivalent of being Donald Trump. Expect the “ailing” auto industry to turn around almost immediately after this job gets filled.

Despite the gazillions of ”stimulus” dollars poured out on the ground of key constituencies whose representatives might not have supported health care “reform”, the Park and Forest Circus are strapped for cash and making cutbacks. For instance, it is popular to combine two Ranger Districts into one, or even two entire National Forests into one. The effects of such “integrations” mean that say one actual worker at the ground level who might actually do something to directly benefit the public can cover twice the ground and do the work formerly done by four people. But while the forests may combine, the respective Supervisor’s Offices each remain. So now we have double the administration positions to supervise one-quarter of the workforce. Talk about savings and efficiency! Still, that is so stressful for the supervisors that addition GS-12/14 Assistant Supervisors may need to be hired. Now that’s leadership and planning.

Meanwhile, there is plenty of funding for a meaningless multi-year, multi-state, multi-million dollar survey of recreational use on the National Forests to find out what the public wants. Here ya go. Maintain the roads, clear the trails, and clean the shitters. Done. Saved ‘em millions. That and fighting fires are about all the useful things the agency does these days, and the latter is preety questionable in many cases. The agency is supposed to manage the forests as resources for three generations into the future. But that ain’t green. So loggers and miners and even the tiny handful of remaining federal employees who actually work for the public lose their jobs and they just let the forests decay and die until one day they burn like an atomic bomb going off some dry year. Now that's green!

That, my friends, brings us to the biggest of the numerous dirty little secrets of the “green jobs” scam.

Spain, for instance, was quoted repeatedly by the wunderkind as a model to base ourselves on. Not even going into the rest of Spain’s obviously less-than-stellar economy, let’s see how much good these green jobs have done them.

Every “green job” created with government money in Spain over the last eight years came at the cost of 2.2 regular jobs, and only one in 10 of the newly created green jobs became a permanent job, says a new study released this month. The study draws parallels with the green jobs programs of the Obama Regime. Further proof that, as Rush says, no matter where he goes or who he's with, Obama is always the least-qualified person in the room, whether the subject is Economics 101 or getting your fingers out of those little "Chinese handcuffs".

If you need anymore good news, they found that in Italy, the losses were worse than they were in Spain: Each green job cost 6.9 jobs in the industrial sector and 4.8 jobs across the entire economy.

Only flaming socialists and complete morons could point to those numbers and cry, “Success!”

Which explains Obama, Pelosi, Couric and Mathews dancing arm and arm in the streets singing, “Happy Days are Here Again!”


Anonymous said...

So, if I get one of these new Forest Circus green jobs and proceed to do absolutely nothing...not even try to look or pretend like I give a "shirt", how long before I get fired? I mean, I could take the job, draw a paycheck and then go out and get a real job, or better yet, use the money to start my own business.


Bawb said...

I say go for it. Federal employees cannot be fired for anything short of a multi-state killing spree. If you're female, an officially recognized minority (sorry to you of Asian descent; you do well on your own merits so you do not count) or in tight with the Federal Employees' Union, even that might not get you fired. A body count of less than ten will only net you a letter of reprimand in your file.

Jim Fryar said...

Forrest 'management' has been a major problem over here as the responsible authorities are pretty much beholden to the greens, in fact initiated by them in many cases.

As result the traditional fuel reduction burning has gone out the window in some states. I first ran into this idiocy about 30 years ago in the Territory of all places, with regions declared no burn areas. The result was huge tracts of thick tinder dry dead undergrowth ready to explode into wildfires at the first spark or lightning strike. Lightning is one of the major causes of bush fires here.

In the Victorian fires one resident who had the only house left standing in a 2 mile radius had been fined $30,000 for 'illegally' clearing trees around his home.

Meanwhile one of the guys working with me down in NSW tells me that the Country Fire Brigades, traditionally community based are becoming more centrally controlled and are getting rid of the older members. You know, those old stick in the mud unscientific bastards who tend to rely on 30+ years of actual experience in fighting fires.

Bawb said...

What's really great is when the local volunteer fire department has to drive 40 miles out into the National Forest to fight a wildfire because the Forest Circus fire-fighters are not allowed to leave their mandatory Civil Rights/Equal Opportunity training, even to put out a forest fire. True story. Who says Fed Gov doesn't have its priorities in order?

Anonymous said...

I think the deaths of those campers in Arkansas could be an example of what happens when parks are short of actual people who can drive out and warn campers of a flood. I think that people have to take responsibility for their own safety, but this was an area where phone and radio reception were spotty. Probably the only way they could have been warned would be a ranger driving out to the campsites.