Monday, June 14, 2010


Remember when Obamassiah’s deputy chief of staff Jim Messina told Democrats trying to force healthcare “reform” down our throats, “If you get hit, we will punch back twice as hard.”
Well, despite the media propagandists gleefully reporting any and every random liberal claim of hate or violence (without substantiating or fact checking in any way) by Tea Partiers, despite endless harangues of potential violence and hate when they didn’t have any real violence or hate to report, despite the Ministry of Truth suppressing any and all video proof of violence and hate from the left, the beat goes on.
Since the main media effort of this story was to try and discredit the victim, here’s a reminder of Kenneth Gladney getting beat down by purple-shirted SEIU thugs using racial slurs. I met Mr. Gladney at a rally in Montana and bought an autographed Gadsen flag from him (you can never have enough Gadsen flags these days). Sure seemed like a nice, soft-spoken guy to me. And I didn’t see any Tea Parties using the language and violence that the SEIU goons did.
Then we had another violent lefty biting off a guy’s finger! OF COURSE you recall the media coverage of that event. (Sound of crickets chirping).
In the latest “Tea Party violence and hate” incident, you guessed it, the Lefties were once more the instigators and perpetrators.
This guy, Governor Spencer, a union organizer, a socialist and a black liberation activist, wades into a peaceful demonstration and starts throwing profanity and punches.
What? You didn’t see this video played over and over again on every TV news show or hear this endlessly discussed and over analyzed by Chris Matthews or Kieth Olberman? You didn’t see Nancy Pelosi giving indignant press conferences and calling him a Nazi? Do I have to tell you won’t?
Well, I guess it’s not enough to send your brain-washed thugs and lackies to beat up on non-violent protestors and/or non-MSM interviewers anymore.
Now, Congresscritter “Lurch” Etheridge (D-NC) personally physically attacks a college student attempting to interview him on a public sidewalk. Don’t hold your breath for any assault charges to be filed. Despite the video-taped proof, you probably won’t hear anything from Katie or Kieth or any of Obama’s other legion of pet Propaganda Ministers.
Is it just me, or is there a trend developing here?
No wonder the Golden Child thinks we're getting "too much information" on the Internet.


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strandediniowa said...

I think the phrase "Who are you?" that Etheridge asked the students says it all.

"Who are you to even talk to me, your superior?" is what he was really saying.

And that kid was within his rights to defend himself against battery from this contemptable piece of hog shit and press charges against this puke.

Where is the ACLU? In bed with Katie, Mathews and the rest?