Saturday, April 04, 2009


Thankfully, some 26 Democrats have recently broken ranks and stepped out of goosestep with the far left eco-kooks of their party and voted against the most recent BS cap-and-trade climate change legislation. Happily, both Montana senators were in that category. We hardly need to cripple what's left of American industry even more with needless feel-good solutions to a problem that doesn't really exist anyway.

It's a start, but much more needs to be done to penetrate the religious fervor of hypnotized fanatical devotees of the Goracle and the Cult of Global Warming. Perhaps we should note how often this goofy crap has been wrong, and for how long.

How about this from the Business and Media Institute.

"It was five years before the turn of the century and major media were warning of disastrous climate change. Page six of The New York Times was headlined with the serious concerns of “geologists.” Only the president at the time wasn’t Bill Clinton; it was Grover Cleveland. And the Times wasn’t warning about global warming – it was telling readers the looming dangers of a new ice age.

The year was 1895, and it was just one of four different time periods in the last 100 years when major print media predicted an impending climate crisis. Each prediction carried its own elements of doom, saying Canada could be “wiped out” or lower crop yields would mean “billions will die.”

As I noted, although I got the dates wrong (the 70's was a long time ago), at one time, the greatest threat to mankind in our own lifetimes to was Global Cooling and the coming Ice Age. For those of you who can't remember the Reagan years, we were not threatened by a single mammoth stampede. Some would say Jimmy Carter averted the Ice Age threat by instituting more bloated, ineffective Federal bureaucracies such as the EPA. People who would say that are known as idiots.

At any rate, we were bombarded by media and "scientific" hype about the big mean scary old glaciers...OOOooooOOOOooo... that failed to materialize. Even though this theory was proven to be not only wrong, but downright asinine, it didn't stop the media and other assorted kooks from jumping on the Global Warming bandwagon in lemming-like masses when it came trundling along.
As the big screw-up of Global Cooling made the big screw-up of Global Warming look bad, since the former was so patently wrong and yet some of those same "experts" were on board with the new cult, the latest, greatest fad amongst the eco-kooks is to play down the old Global Cooling scare as media hype from ignorant, alarmist journalists. Unlike the pillars of accuracy and integrity we have today. There was no consensus of real scientists, they insist.
Well, if they would come up for air and take a good hard look at the "science" of today, they would see that there is no consensus of real scientists right now on Global Whining either. We've noted this before.
But the enviro-wackos will have to wait another thirty years before they admit that the present day kooks are kooks so it will not discredit whatever Armageddon-de-jour they're pushing in 2039.

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