Sunday, April 19, 2009


It’s funny. Our beloved government, after a decade of the public asking for it, couldn't figure out how to pass a “country of origin labeling” bill for meat, but now they can form a whole new bureaucracy to enforce “food safety” laws…whether you like it or not. As we’ve noted, the fed has already been putting the jackboots to the dreaded Amish and their Holsteins of terror. But of course, it’s OK for companies like Monsanto and their federal “regulator” buddies to contaminate milk. Now the unregulated regulators are coming after…well, just about everybody else.

With some 6,432 bills introduced by the 109th Congress, it’s very hard for the public to keep track of all the mumbo jumbo and very easy for the politicians to sneak in backdoor actions, regulation, and pork. Most Congresscritters in the House and Senate never even read the text of the bills they’re throwing their John Hancocks on. The “Stimulus” bill for instance…a thousand page monstrosity with only five actual print copies for the whole House and only a couple of days for the den of 435 thieves to read it before passage. With such a system, individuals can sneak almost anything through the system. The more corrupt the society, the more numerous its laws.

The bill we are presently concerned with is HR 875, benignly titled The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009. This is actually halfway honest as Congressional titles go. Not to call our beloved elected “representatives” liars, but if they had a bill dedicated to rounding up every third person and sending them to be made into Soylent Green it would be titled something like “The Sunshine, Puppies and Soft Pillows Act”.

Never mind the fact that we already have multiple government agencies responsible for food safety (and a bang-up job they’ve been doing he says, spitting out a contaminated peanut and some lettuce an illegal farm worker pooped on). When our intelligence agencies failed us miserably before 9/11 because they are big, bloated bureaucratic behemoths, the Bush administration’s clever solution was to form an even bigger and more bureaucratic behemoth.

Now, since the same applies to food safety entities, we must create an even bigger entity. And no federal agency ever solves a problem, no matter how simple, because then they would be out of work. Neither do they confine themselves to doing what they were originally charged with doing. I guaren-goshdarn-tee you that the Forest Circus does next to nothing in the way of “Caring for the land and serving the people” anymore. The new motto is “increasing and perpetuating the bureaucracy.” No matter what agency or corporation we refer to, we should always remember, as Edward Abbey noted, ‘Growth simply for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.”

Before we get to the “meat” (ha-ha...get it?) of the bill, let’s take a quick peek at who sponsored it. Representative Rosa L. DeLauro (D - CT) just happens to be married to Stan Greenberg, who is a Monsanto “subcontractor”, received $180,000 from Corporate Ag’s PACs, and is best buds with our old friend Obama flunky Rahm Emanual.

Coincidentally, Monsanto is all over this bill like stink on hog crap. (No jokes at the moment about $2,000,000 in “pork” to study said stink.) They currently only have about a 95% monopoly on food growing in this country, but that ain’t enough for them. There’s plenty of stuff on Monsanto and their evil antics. Aside from all the genetic mutations they design into our food crops, grains especially, (could this be why honeybees are dying in disturbing numbers around the continent?) they are also making plant seed sterile. This means the seeds are either non-existent or will not reproduce. You then sell the Franken-seeds all over the world, at first at very cheap prices. Then, once all the real seed stock is gone and Monsanto is the only source available, you can really jack the price up. It looks like Europe at least is starting to wake up to the game. I believe Germany recently outlawed the cultivation of mutated American seed.

Anyway, the bill itself, in its convoluted wording, seems at first glance benign enough. To battle detractors who claim this bill could in effect outlaw organic farming, backers note that the term "organic" does not appear in the bill. It doesn’t need to be. Some definitions can be interpreted so broadly that the government can make them mean anything they want.

For instance, during the Roosevelt (the Socialist, not the eugenics fan with the big stick) administration the U.S. Supreme Court decided that a farmer growing his own corn on his own land to feed his own pigs was engaged in interstate commerce!!! By not purchasing corn, he was affecting the interstate market for it.

As for HR 875, Section III defines Food Production Facility as “any farm, ranch, orchard, vineyard, aquaculture facility, or confined animal-feeding operation.” That could include anything from a half a dozen laying hens in the backyard to grandma’s zucchini garden. Section 206 gives the feds the “right” to come onto your place at will to “inspect” your chickens or zucchinis. Other “safety” definitions in this section could be interpreted to mean food has to be treated with Big Ag’s herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, genetic alterations, chemical processes, etc. to be made “safe”.

At any rate, the full text of the bill can be found here. Sections 103, 206, and 207 bear scrutiny in particular. The Campaign for Liberty also discusses it yonder.

Unfortunately, with the denizens of Sodom on Potomac throwing around about 40 new bills per day, it’s getting almost impossible for the public to have any representation of their voice among their, well, representatives. I’m getting so tired of living in interesting times.

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