Thursday, April 16, 2009


I don't know where to start. We certainly live in interesting times. This week has seen a flicker of hope drowned by our worst fears of a socialist police state coming true.

A winter storm watch and a 90-mile drive kept me from attending the nearest Tea Party in my neck of the woods, but I'm glad thousands of others across the country made it. Although the mainstream media begrudgingly reported it, I have already seen a couple of articles suggesting we were mind-numbed robots acting on the orders of a couple of supposed right-wing Republican (ha-ha!) websites I'd never heard of before and toadies and apologists for the Kenyan are already doing their best to marginalize the thing. When a couple hundred "oppressed minorities", many of them paid to attend the event and bussed in, have a shin-dig in a single location it is major news, but 750 grass roots demonstrations across the country by tens of thousands of people is no big deal.

One messiah cheerleader I heard a tape of basically told us cry-baby weasel scum to STFU, pony up, and pay our taxes. Easy for him to say...everyone associated with the Big 0's administration gets to cheat on their taxes. Taxes are for "the rich" and the surviving handful of employed peasants.

Meanwhile, back at the Ministry of Love, a Department of Homeland Security memo, not unlike the recent Virginia State and Missouri State Police memos, became public. The long and short of it is that anyone who dares to voice, or even think, dissent against Big Brother is now a right-wing extremist terrorist. We're watching you right now, Winston.

How can you tell if you are a right-wing extremist terrorist? Answer these few questions:

Do you believe in the Constitution of these United States, the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights in particular? Are you a military veteran? Do you oppose killing the unborn? Do you think immigration laws should be enforced? Do you find the federal government over-stepping its bounds and prefer state and local government control? Do you have more than a weeks' supply of food in the house? Do you believe the Word of God, especially the chapter of Revelations? Do you think you should be employed and your job should not be exported to Mexico or overseas?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, congratulations! You are a right-wing extremist potential terrorist! Forget those Islamic suicide bombers who crash airplanes into skyscrapers and actually kill people...YOU are the real threat to these here United States. Despite the flak over this from everybody from talk radio to the American Legion, the Kenyan's administration, in the form of Homeland Security Secretary Janet "Reno II" Napolitano, is standing by the report.

Much of this garbage comes from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the money front for Morris Dees, also known as Morris Sleaze. It should come as no surprise that he's sticking his little cloven hoof in. Sleaze and the SPLC have all the integrity of late night Texaco urinal bacteria and a propaganda bent that makes Pravda and Joseph Goebbels look like pillars of integrity. That major law enforcement agencies and the CBS evening news quote and rely on these frauds as "experts" really illustrates the sheer bias and political agenda being pushed by the lamestream media and

The worst part, coming from another Napolitano, Judge Andrew Napolitano, is that this deliberately leaked sanitized memo is just the tip of the iceberg. Just image what the classified stuff says. (Shudders as if someone has stepped on his grave.)

Well, I must go now and pack my suitcase. I hear you are allowed one bag when you board the cattle car.

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Jerry said...

TSA is trying to get rules passed that would require ALL passengers on charter and PRIVATE planes (over 12,500lbs I believe, but that is must if not all jets and kingairs) to be screened against the no-fly terrorist list. I've heard a few big-wig senators have put pressure to stop this. (I suppose that someone will look into where they are going on that rich contributers plane) But not to be outdone the TSA is now trying to show up at airports and do on-the-spot 'safety' checks of charter and private passengers baggage. I heard an unconfirmed report that the FBO in Sioux Falls got mad and threw out TSA yesterday, because they were harrassing passengers in the lobby wanting to check bags going on a private jet there.