Friday, April 17, 2009


Let's hear it for Susan Roesgen, the Commie New Network's rabid beotch reporter, for her blatantly biased snark attacks on everyday citizens at the Chicago Tea Party. My wife always thought my claims of media left-wing bias were kind of overblown, until she say this fiasco. Now she's a true believer too. CNN loses a little more viewership and a little more credibility. No wonder the liberal propaganda rags that pretend to be newspapers need a federal bail-out now too.

Here's the reporterette's snark attack.

So here's a hearty "bite me" to Susan and CNN.


Jerry said...

Ditto!! Bite me too CNN! I can't believe the number of people I run into that still can't see the biase.

Ben said...

Bite me three!

I like how the reporterette points out that Illinois will get $50 billion from the Messiah's porkulus bill, like that money just falls from heaven. Too bad the guy didn't point at his 2-year-old and say, "Yeah, he and his kids will be paying it off and living with the inflation from it."

I felt bad that I coudn't go to any tea party, because I had to work. I was going to make a sign for my kid to hold that said, "Stop putting me in debt!"