Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gun Nut Roundup - November '09

Canuck Gun Registry Headed For Scrap Heap?

Although it's not a done deal yet, Canada's registry of long-gun ownership may soon be abolished. The long-gun registry was started in 1996. Despite an initial price tag of $2 million, the long-gun registry has gobbled up $1 billion with no end in sight.

In a Parliamentary vote split along urban/rural lines, but with unanimous opposition from the delegation of wine-slurping slobs of Quebec, the registry has passed at least one major hurdle toward dismantlement.

The country's handgun registry, however, would remain intact. In it's 70+ years in existence, Canada's handgun registry has helped police solve a grand total of 3 crimes. No wonder those hosers are gonna hold onto that one, eh!
Pirates Hit Maersk Alabama Again!
Although Navy SEALs made the last batch of Somali pirates to attack the Maersk Alabama into good Somali pirates, some people are slow learners. In November the ship was attacked by sea-going thugs yet again. This time the merchant ship had an armed security contingent aboard that lit up the approaching pirates with sound weapons and small arms fire, driving them off.
For ships that can't afford professional security forces, a bill introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives would make it easier for ships to arm their organic crews. H.R. 2984 would "assist in the defense of United States-flag vessels against piracy and to ensure the traditional right of self-defense of those vessels against piracy."
Shocker: Eric Holder Seeks More Gun Control In Response To Ft. Hood Shootings
In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, U.S. Attorney Eric (the Red) Holder sought more gun control in response to the Ft. Hood shootings. Yawn.
Among other things, he wants a national gun registration (a proven winner, see Canadian story above) by permanently recording all NICS transactions and the ability to put anyone he wants on a "watch list" (without due process) where they would be unable to buy guns (with no recourse).
Get some new material Eric.

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