Saturday, November 21, 2009


In the world of the Global Warming hoax, the snowball has hit the fan. It would seem that what many of us in the "vast right-wing conspiracy seeking to challenge the science upon which environmentalism is based" knew all along is leaking out, not through the all holes in the theories, but through hacked e-mails.

Climate Depot broke the story this week. East Anglica's Climate Research Unit, or Hadley CRU, Great Britain's largest climate change "research" institute, had a naughty little hacker get into their computers and come up with 61 MB of confidential files and e-mails concerning Global Warming.

In case you can't guess, the information decidedly did NOT support Algore and his acolytes. In fact, it uncovered a whole passel of fraud, skewed figures, modified data, suppressed or destroyed contradictory records, and the ever-popular outright lie. This thing is so big the leftist media may not even be able to hush it up.

The Washington Post says the leak, "Reveals 'blatant displays of personal pettiness, unethical conniving, and twisting the science to support their political position.' " The UK Telegraph is already calling it "Climategate". Even Juan "Maverick" McCain, former good bipartisan pal of Joe Lieberman on wacky environmental power grab bills, has been back pedalling on the eco issues lately.

Global Warming Poster Child Jim Hansen, before he scuttled back under the refrigerator when the light went on, commented, "What's the big deal? I used NASA to skew data and advance my personal political agenda. Why can't the Brits do it, too?"

The information reached Algore at an important $5,000-a-plate Global Warming Awareness Dinner in Monaco. Putting down his creamed terrapin sea turtle and pushing back the fur rim of his parka hood, the Goracle spake thus: "Just like Iran-Contra or Bush's National Guard records, the issue is far too crucial for us to let a complete lack of evidence dissway us from our course. The issue is very near and dear to me, as you know. It's made me a ton of money, but you should see how much JP-4 costs these days. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to fly my private jet to Greenland to supervise the destruction of ancient Viking farms recently uncovered there."

Obama's 234 environment-related czars responded to the revelations on network television last night, shutting their eyes and putting their hands over their ears and loudly chanting, "BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! I"M NOT LISTENING! BLAH! BLAH!"

Nelson from The Simpsons also weighed in by pointing a finger at Algore and going, "HA! HA!"

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