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Sorry to step on Ben's post about the renegade Vinton ostrich, but we're coming down to the wire on this looming healthcare "reform" bill. A couple of co-workers I considered otherwise sane and intelligent shocked me by being expressing supporter of the bill this past week. They were completely happy with their own healthcare, but had been convinced the American system was terrible and unfair. But then I found out where they were getting their information...PBS (Pravda) and NPR (Tass).

Apparently these "news" sources and the MSM must be putting on the full court press to pass Obamacare for their false messiah. One guy told me that a man receiving cancer treatment in Great Britain received great, timely care and it only cost $3,000...the same treatment would supposedly cost $200,000 in the United States. The other guy was just blathering on about how superior European health care was because...well...they said so on the radio.

If we had anything even remotely resembling an objective free press engaging in actual journalism in this country, we would know better. But, since we don't, we have to rely on the foreign press to get anything close to the truth. So, for the benefit of all your health care supporter liberal friends, if any, I present the following.

These articles are not just some crazy kooky right-wing Beck/Hannity propaganda. They do not come from a single source. They are not just an isolated example that slipped through the cracks. They come from the real media in Great Britain. I only cited one story per source. Each source listed has literally dozens of horror stories about Britain's NHS, National Health System. There are other sources too numerous to list running the same horror stories. And this is just the British system. Canada can speak of horrors of its own. This is the truth about the socialized medicine systems touted as so successful by everyone from Michael Moore to Max Baucus.

This is what's coming our way folks if we let the political whores in Sodom-on-Potomac socialize 1/6th of the United States economy. It will be a debacle. That is indisputable. It is only a matter of how long it will take. Having managed to once survive visits to the VA, not very bloody long is my guess. This is serious. Contact, or better yet, tar and feather your senator, if you'd rather have a real healthcare system...say, like the one we have now.

Or look into the Orwellian world of Great Britain's National Health System and behold your future.

From the UK Express: "Official figures published yesterday revealed that more than 230,000 patients are being forced to wait more than 18 weeks for hospital treatment."

The Daily Mail: "Spending on NHS bureaucracy has almost doubled in four years, research shows. Nearly £1.2billion went on administrators and clerical staff in Primary Care Trusts in 2007/8, a rise of 81 per cent since 2003/4."

The Times: "A three-year-old girl awaiting heart surgery has had her operation cancelled three times this month because of a shortage of beds."

BBC: "NHS and social services in England are failing to meet the health needs of people with learning disabilities, investigators say."

The Guardian: "Children in Britain are being failed by a culture that gives them low priority, exposing them to poor healthcare, knife crime and sexually transmitted diseases, according to the outgoing head of the Healthcare Commission."

Management in Practice: "The leader of Scotland’s GPs yesterday (12 March 2009) accused the government of relying on “politically driven targets”, instead of “clinically driven, evidence-based policy”, and warned that this approach threatened to undermine the success of Scottish general practice."

Daily Telegraph: "Children are being put at risk by inexperienced surgeons and a lack of basic child protection training in hospitals, a damning report from the health watchdog has found."

The Harwich and Manningtree Standard: "Children's nurses who specialise in diabetes are being vastly overworked, a charity has said."

The Metro: "Patients face a lottery which dictates how much is spent on their dental treatment, new figures suggest.
Some could rely on £50 each, while others were given just £30 each, the NHS revealed on Wednesday."

The Scotsman: "A LOTHIAN woman was told she was being taken off a consultant's waiting list so the target 18-week waiting time for treatment could be met, it was claimed today."

Post Chronicle: "Britain's National Health Service is advising general practitioners to refer fewer patients to specialists and to restrict patients' access to a second opinion."

Reuters: "Britain's cost-effectiveness medicines watchdog ruled on Friday that costly erythropoietin (EPO) drugs should not be used to treat anaemia caused by anti-cancer therapy, dealing a blow to drug firms and cancer campaigners."

Scotland Herald: "Hundreds wait to register as another dentist quits the NHS."

Financial Times: "NHS faces rising bill for negligence claims."

Medical News Today: "NHS excluding poor people, UK.
The ethos of the UK National Health Service is being eroded and is excluding the very people it is designed to help, a scathing new report has said."

It just goes on and on and on. I have barely scratched the surface, listing only a few articles from a few sources. It's funny that our teeming swarms of journalists can't pick up on any of this.

For a couple hundred more examples from the European press, look HERE.

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