Friday, December 11, 2009

Ben's Top 10 Suggested Slogans For The Republicans' 2010 "Comeback" Campaign

10.) Vote Republican: We screwed things up less recently than the Dems!
9.) Why vote for "tax and spend" Democrats when you could vote for "borrow and spend" Republicans?
8.) Four words: War resolution against Uruguay!
7.) We stand AGAINST increased spending and big government solutions when the opposing party proposes them... usually.
6.) Vote G.O.P- Our faith in free markets is like the Rio Grande: A mile wide, but an inch deep.
5.) We miss listening to your phone calls!
4.) Please! McCain needs to feel liked!
3.) Medicare drug plans and "bridges-to-nowhere" don't look so wasteful now, do they smarty-pants?
2.) We'll drive the country off a cliff in a lower gear than the Democrats.
And the Number One suggested slogan for the Republicans' 2010 "comeback" campaign is...
Up to you! Post your suggestions below.


Bawb said...

Just shut up and do as you're told, peasant.

Anonymous said...

"Less bad!"