Sunday, December 27, 2009


Kudos to Jim over at the Real World Libertarian. Here's a little food for thought on the healthcare "reform" bill and what it could contain. I've read Rand and Tolstoy and I'll be danged if I can tell you what all is actually in those books.

Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address – 272 words.

Contrasted to Obamas Berlin "citizen of the world address" – 2970 words.

Original US Bill of Rights – 518 - (with preamble) – 778 words.

The US Declaration of Independence - 1337 words.

US Constitution – 4400 words.

Magna Carta - 4860 words.

Atlas Shrugged - 1168 pages.

War and Peace (English paperback edition) -1475 pages.

Senate version of Obamacare, a real stinker at, - 2,733 pages.

(My PS: Our family copy of the King James Bible only 594 pages.)

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Jim Fryar said...

I think that you will find more truth and substance in the King James edition, it will be more interesting, and you will have fewer doubts. There will however be fewer miracles in it than will be required for Obamacare to work.