Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Oh boy, oh boy. Where to even begin this week with the "Lunatics are Running the Asylum" stories?

In Obama news....Congress once passed these laws about lobbyists. Lobbyists are not supposed to be appointed and able to work on issues that they once lobbied for.

Laws, of course, DO NOT APPLY to the Obama minions. Some animals are more equal than others. Other lobbyists have already been picked up by the Obama Regime and now we can add these two yahoos. General counsel Jocelyn Frye, formerly of the National Partnership for Women & Families, and Cecilia Munoz former vice president of the racist semi-militant Hispanic "I Hate America" group LA RAZA. The latter is also a favorite of John McCain, BTW. See photos below of what La Raza is all about.

But there are laws against hiring lobbyists, you say. How can this happen? Easy, Obama now grants his minions "Ethics Waivers". Already included elsewhere were the Tax Cheat Waivers. The Obama Regime is no doubt working on a whole new line of fashionable waivers for the above-the-law liberal weenies of the "in-crowd". These new waivers are to include Intelligence Waivers, Honesty Waivers, Infidelity Waivers, Drug Waivers, Fraud Waivers, Treason Waivers, and Murder Waivers, just to name a few.

Meanwhile, since the economy and employment is so good we can afford to lose thousands more jobs, so fern-feelin' flower-sniffin' bunny-huggin' eco-wackos, such as House Resources Committee Chairman Nick Rahall, have re-introduced Rahall's "mining reform" legislation. These odious oppressive over-regulations would, in effect, pretty much shut down the mining industry in the U.S. Ask the loggers; it can happen. I'll bet all those United Mine Workers Union members are really happy they obeyed their "leadership" and voted for these Demo-Marxist clowns.

In state-level government over-reach, oppression, and tyranny two left-wing liberal lawmakers from Connecticut, Mike Lawlor and Andrew McDonald, attempted to pass their "Henry the Eighth" bill that would have forced government control over the Catholic Church in Connecticut. They tried to sneak it through without any interference of "We the People" but word got out and they faced a firestorm of outrage from those they had hoped to rule.

After a barrage of phone calls, emails, letters and impromptu demonstrations, the spineless and brainless law-making tyrants have suddenly back-pedalled in fear and killed the least for this legislative session. Apparently, though, the two government weenies who engineered the fiasco still can't figure out what caused all the furor and why the people think they're wrong. Really. I'm not making that up.

The morons should remember that they took an oath to "support the Constitution of the United States." If they ever bothered to actually read the thing, they would notice right there in Amendment One of the Bill or Rights: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

In other news, more and more financial experts warn that the economy is getting worse, bail-outs are worthless, and the country is tottering on the brink of the next Great Depression.

President Obama responded by holding his hands over his ears and loudly shouting "BLABLABLABALAB I'M NOT LISTENING BLABLABLABLA!" and then issuing more Ethics Waivers to former Chicago hitmen he's adding to his staff.

Hey, what's that loud swirling, flushing noise?

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